Technical Data

New Yellow 5498 July 2014

Our credibility is supported by performance data and testing through UL independent laboratory testing. Our products are ARRA compliant and LM79/LM80 tested.

Global Tech LED packages premium LED Drivers with it’s LED Retrofit Kits and LED Fixtures. Our drivers are specialized to provide both brains and muscle for our solid-state lighting systems. Full 5 year Guarantee provided by Philips. 120-480V are available.


LED Driver Cut Sheets (Gen 1)
LED Driver Cut Sheets (Gen 2)
Solstice Mini21 IES & LM79 (GEN 1)
Solstice Mini21 IES & LM79 (Gen 2)
Solstice 5498 IES & LM79 (Gen 1)
Solstice 5498 IES & LM79 (Gen 2)
Solstice 112 IES & LM79 (Gen 1)
Solstice 112 IES & LM79 (Gen 2)
Switchit MiniAC IES & LM79
SwitchIt T8 Tube IES & LM79
MagLev Fan
Surge protectors
Lumen Maintenance Chart
Yoke Bracket Dimensions