Using individual cluster-level power regulation circuits to extend LED light life

Patent number: 9226356

Abstract: A light emitting device can comprise a light emitter for emitting light at a defined light intensity and circuitry connecting a power source to the light emitter. The circuitry can adjust power provided to the light emitter over time to compensate for inefficiencies due to circuit and light emitter degradation. A more consistent light intensity of the emitted light over a life of the light emitting device and an improved life expectancy of the light emitter can be achieved than what would result if the power was not adjusted over time to offset degradation effects.

Multi-modal wireless controller for controlling an LED lighting system

Patent number: 9171455

Abstract: A multi-modal wireless controller can include a processor, memory storage, a radio frequency (RF) engine, outputs, power inputs, switches, a mode input, and a RF input. The memory storage can have machine-readable instructions that define the functionalities of a multi-modal wireless controller. The RF engine can be configured to transmit and receive wireless RF signals. The outputs can provide electrical power and a direct current (DC) voltage control signal. The power input can be configured to receive electrical power from a power source. The switches can be configured to switch the electrical power between one of the power input and outputs on or off, responsive to the processor. The mode input can include a switch element that designates an operating mode. The RF input can be coupled to the RF engine and can include a switch element that designates an operating frequency of the RF engine and/or a zone.

LED light having LED cluster arrangements

Patent number: 9115876

Abstract: An improved light-emitting diode (LED) light fixture can include a circuit board, multiple LED clusters, and a master power controller. The LED clusters can be arranged on the circuit board and can include at least seven LEDs electrically connected in series and a regulator circuit. The LEDs of an LED cluster can be arranged such that one LED is located at a central point of the LED cluster and the remaining LEDs are arranged in a circular geometry around the center LED. The master power controller can be coupled to the circuit board and can be configured to control power provided to the LED clusters.

LED light bulb

Patent number: 9091424

Abstract: A retrofit light emitting diode (LED) bulb includes a screw connector, a bracket, and a housing. The screw connector is configured to be screwed into a receiving socket of an electric light fixture for supporting the retrofit light emitting diode (LED) bulb. The bracket is physically attached to the screw connector. The housing is rotatably coupled to the bracket. The housing includes one or more LED units for generating light and one or more electrically powered cooling devices to remove heat from the vicinity of the one or more LED units.

LED light bulb

Patent number: 8979304

Abstract: A light emitting diode-based bulb and method of use are described. The LED bulb comprises a bracket and a housing. The bracket comprises a connector. The housing is rotatably coupled with the bracket and comprises a light emitting diode connected to the connector, and a fan connected to the connector.

Light emitting diode bulb

Patent number: 8246202

Abstract: A light emitting diode-based bulb is described. The bulb comprises a base comprising a driver, and a housing releasably coupled with the base. The housing comprises a light emitting diode connected to the driver and a fan connected to the driver.