Wireless Sensor Module

Global Tech LED invented a Wireless Module which facilitates Dimming and Instant On/Off Control using either Photocell or Motion Sensor or both. It is engineered with simple mapping software, and utilizes radio protocols for Zigbee, Synapse or others typically found in the industry. When a motion sensor is engaged the Solstice is turned ON to 100% Output for 15 minutes. When no motion is detected after 15 minutes the Solstice can be set to either 20% or 50% Dimming or OFF. The Photocell or Motion Sensor must be installed within 500 feet of the Solstice Product using (20AWG) wiring for 0-10vdc sensor controls.


Programming the Wireless Module:

Our unique selectable dip-switch identifies the task. The 5-dip switch input selector tells the Wireless Module what the control task is going to be. We provide a detailed list of devices with corresponding switch selections. The control selection is a 10-dip switch selector where you code who is following who. Switch 1-5 controls 1 device, and 6-10 controls a second device. In some situations, you may require 2 control devices controlling the same fixture. For example, let’s say you have a motion sensor and you want it to control 2 fixtures. You would first set the input switch to designate a motion sensor and 2 light sources. On the control side you would configure all three devises with the same code (1-5). At this point, the 2 light sources will be controlled by the motion sensor: simple!

The controller does not need to be connected to the Internet in order for the system to work. In most cases, once the system is configured, the need to reconfigure the settings is minimal. For those clients that wish to have more control on a daily basis, the system can be set up using the Internet. Additional equipment will be required to operate the system along with yearly maintenance fees. This option will provide the remote monitoring of lights, collection of fixture data, such as temperature, service hours, energy usage, etc. and makes it easy to view or control lighting over the Internet.

As always we are here to help you with any questions you may have regarding any information about our product, or even lighting in general! Give us a call at 1.877.748.5533!