Amber (Turtle Light) LED Module:

Sea Turtle Lighting

When sea turtles hatch, they orient themselves toward the ocean by looking for the brightest horizon — an important survival instinct that is threatened by artificial lighting on homes and businesses near nesting beaches.

Sea turtles need help from humans who live and work near nesting beaches. While eliminating all lighting near beaches is not always practical or safe, there are ways to reduce our impact with little to no inconvenience.

If a light is visible from a known sea turtle nesting beach during nesting season, the local code enforcement board or the police should be notified. Many coastal communities in Florida have ordinances that restrict or prohibit beachfront lighting during nesting season. Check with your county or municipality to see if these organizations have adopted a sea turtle lighting ordinance.

Mostly, outdoor lighting is wasteful illumination into the sky and adjacent properties. This is because the majority of wall lights, ceiling lights and flood lights are emitting light in 360°, when they really don’t need to. The basic concept of Sea Turtle Lighting it to use specific types of light sources such as LED Lighting where the distribution of light is controllable and emit a wavelength of 590 nanometers. This wavelength is nearly invisible to Sea Turtles, except where they can directly view the intensity of the light source itself. Then this light source is paired with a lighting fixture that directly controls the direction and beam spread of the lighting. This means that light is effectively and accurately lighting the areas of concern without wasteful light and doing so in a spectrum safe to sea turtles.

Global Tech LED Turtle Lights

The Solstice® LED Turtle Light modules operate at an amber wavelength of 590nm which is invisible to sea turtles. Each module has four selectable output settings ranging from 45W to 75W replacing up to 250W HID lamps. Universal retrofit ready! With a variety of retrofit mounting the Solstice® LED Turtle Light module is able to be installed in almost any fixture.