Optimize the Module for the Application


The Kelvin of a light source is a very important factor to consider when you are investing in LED technology. Kelvin is also known as Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) and can be defined as a specification of the color appearance of the light emitted by a lamp, relating its color to the color of light from a reference source when heated to a particular temperature, measured in degrees Kelvin (K). So basically, the Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) will change the color of the light and it is measured using Kelvin.

CCT in LED’s can vary depending on the type chip the LED Module is using as well as the manufacturer of the chip.

Global Tech LED uses LUXEON® Emitters by Lumiled in our products.

Global Tech LED uses LUXEON® emitters because they are illumination grade LEDs designed to deliver high efficacy with high flux density to enable tight beam control in directional and high lumen applications. With freedom from binning and with leading performance, LUXEON emitters allow system optimization by blending the perfect combination of high efficacy and low system cost. With tight Correlated Color Temperature control, LUXEON ensures consistency in system color point.


Kelvin’s Global Tech LED offers:

GR (5000K)

[70 CRI]

BR (5000K)

[80 CRI]


[70 CRI]


[80 CRI]


[80 CRI]


[95 CRI]


[80 CRI]

With all LED chips, the Kelvin and the CRI affect the efficacy of the light, please call us if you have any questions regarding Kelvins, CRI’s, efficacy, or anything else for that matter at 1.877.748.5533