T8 Tube (Reflected) (Linear) (Azuca) (Logo)

Description / About

Specification Features:

• High output LED T8 lamp

• Installs in seconds.

• Customize light levels for low or high situations

• Compatible with a majority of emergency start fixtures

• Extends existing ballast life up to 10x of rated life.

• No rewiring or new ballasts needed

• LUMENS: HI= 2200 / LO=1600

• 115 Lm/W

• Minimum CRI = 80CRI

• PF: ≥95%

• THD: <20%

• L70 of 60,000 Hrs

• Dimensions: 47.2” – 1200mm / 1.02”- 26mm

• CCT: 3,000K – 5,000K

Warranty Information:

• 7 years or 50,000 Hrs

Ballast Compatibility

• Manufacturer Approved Electronic Rapid Start
• Instant Start
• Programmed Start
• Emergency
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do you want to change the output of the lamp?

A: Depending on the light level needed for the application. Keep the Switchit Tube in high and reduce the number of lamps. If a fixture uses 4 lamps try putting 2 lamps in for replacement. De-lamping is a great way to optimize savings and reduce the cost of the retrofit.

Q: Can we order the tubes in a predetermined setting?

A: Yes, the tubes can be shipped in High or Low output levels from the factory. If you do not indicate the power level on the order the tube will ship to you in the high output setting. The Global Tech LED Switch-it tube is proudly made in the USA!

Q: What is the life of the Switchit tube?

A: The Switchit tube is warranted for 7 years or 50,000 hrs. Our tube offers a special feature that no other manufacturer can. If you operate the tube on low for many years and it fails you can remove the dongle and depending on what failed could revive the tube for more life. It also works if the tube was on low, you can insert the dongle and extend the life of the tube.

Q: The Market is getting inundated with Chinese tubes at lesser prices, why should we spend more money on the Switchit tube?

A: The GTL Switchit Tube is Made in the USA. We use Lumiled mid-power chips, the best in the industry. Many Chinese companies are using chipsets made in China. These chipsets are not of the same quality as the Lumiled chips. Chinese chipsets usually do not have the same heat tolerance or expected life. All LED tubes have capacitors as part of their circuitry. You can buy them with different quality features. GTL buys these capacitors with high operating temperatures and life expectancy. Buy Global Tech LED and buy USA!

Q: Can GTL Switchit tubes be used in high vibration applications?

A: Our patented design has no wires or screws in the construction of our lamp. Because of this design nothing can vibrate loose come apart. American ingenuity and design will insure the life of the product.

Q: When do you use clear or frosted tubes?

A: The GTL Switchit Tubes can be ordered in clear or frosted covers. Usually clear tubes are prefered when the tubes are placed behind a glass or plastic lens. The clear lens allows about 15% more light to come out of the tube over the frosted lens. When glare or the lamp is visible to the naked eye the frosted lens offers a reduced glare look.

Q: Does switching your fluorescent lamps to the GTL Switchit LED tubes extend the life of driver?

A: The answer is yes! When you reduce the workload of a ballast you also reduce the heat. The cooler the driver operates the longer it will last. By using the Switchit Tube you can extend the useful life of the driver by 10X!

Q: Why use the Switch-it tube versus installing a new fixture?

A: Today’s panel LED fixtures set you in today’s technology. The problem you have with these panes are that if one breaks or a driver fails you may not be able to find a replacement. When you use the switch-it tube you are insured that in 7 to 10 years when the bulb fails you will be able to replace it with the latest and greatest lighting source available at that time! This way you are always the most energy efficient!


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