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The DesignLights Consortium® promotes quality, performance and energy efficient commercial sector lighting solutions through collaboration among its federal, regional, state, utility, and energy efficiency program members, luminaire manufacturers, lighting designers, and other industry stakeholders throughout the US and Canada. DLC Certified products are eligible for local and federal rebates and incentives. We have many retrofit systems, fixtures, and kits that are DLC approved in various categories of luminaires. Please click the link below to go to the QPL (DLC’s Qualified Products List) then hit search to see a complete list of what retrofits and fixtures are certified.

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Rapidly evolving thinking about energy efficiency and public safety – along with exciting technological advances – is driving the evolution of the lighting industry, providing greater opportunities and growing challenges. Leverage UL’s safety science expertise, worldwide presence, and active involvement in the lighting industry to gain accelerated access to the global marketplace and to meet regulatory requirements. Our Solstice® LED Modules are UL Listed along with several LED fixtures and retrofits. Click the link below to search UL Certifications for the US and Canada. Enter “Global Tech LED” in the company field and hit search.

CE Certification Info

The CE marking is required for many products. It states that the product is assessed before being placed on the market and meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements. Through this website the European Commission provides economic operators and consumers with information on how the process of affixing the CE marking on a product works. Solstice® LED modules are CE certified and meet all required safety standards for the EU.