Roadway Fixtures

These efficient LED roadway retrofits yield up to a 70% reduction in system energy requirements when compared to standard HID systems. With a life expectancy of 100,000+ hours, the roadway Retrofit offers more than 15 years of reliable service.  These features significantly reduce maintenance frequency and expense.

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research studies show that simply shifting the color of lamps from the warmer yellow end of the color spectrum to the cooler blue end of the color spectrum, allows  people to see things more clearly and spaces to appear brighter.  By changing the spectrum to mimic daylight, lighting levels can be reduced to save energy while still achieving the same visual acuity.

Conventional roadway practices use lamps with a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 2,700K.  Our spectrally enhanced LED Cobra Luminaire doubles that with a CCT of 5,700K.  The higher CCT of our fixtures causes the aforementioned shift in the color spectrum, translating to improved visual acuity and nighttime visibility.

Global Tech Roadway LED Retrofit Cut Sheets

Understanding Night Time Visual Acuity


Scotopic vision is the vision of the eye under low light conditions. The term comes from Greek skotos meaning darkness and -opia meaning a condition of sight. In the human eye cone cells are nonfunctional in low light. Scotopic vision is produced exclusively through rod cells which are most sensitive to wavelengths of light around 498 nm (green-blue) and are insensitive to wavelengths longer than about 640 nm (red).


Mesopic vision occurs in intermediate lighting conditions and is effectively a combination of scotopic and photopic vision. This however gives inaccurate visual acuity and color discrimination.


In normal (sun) light, the vision of cone cells dominates and is photopic vision. There is good visual acuity and color discrimination. Global Tech LED modules mimic sun light (CCT 5700K) with strong blue-green spectrums, by doing so visual acuity and therefore safety at night is drastically improved.

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LEDs Deliver More Usable Lumens, Which Increases Visual Acuity

LED light produces more lumens in spectrums that increase visual acuity than any other light source (excluding the Sun). Global Tech LED modules used for roadway lighting have a CCT (correlated color temperature) of 5700K, maximizing visual acuity and surpassing other LED products on the market.

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